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2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
Betty Landes, Director
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014


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Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press

Hawaiian Luau—August 24
Westminster and US Home are inviting all Heritage Pines 
Homeowners to attend a Hawaiian Lula. It will be held from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm on August 24 at the clubhouse. 

There will be great food and live entertainment.  The homeowner who  registers the most eligible guests (55 & up) wins a prize. Please sign up in the lobby by August 19 with an estimated number of guest you will bring. Julia Taylor and Ed Giovino were the winners in May.

August 23 we will have  Author, Frank Pettinelli share  excerpts from his book, A Faraway Sun at the clubhouse. We will have a wine and cheese reception  following.

This is a story of the Pescaras, an Italian immigrant family, and their struggle up and into the mainstream of middle-class America spanning two  centuries. They move on the  current between spiritual crests and  valleys like a shrimp boat  trolling across the seemingly calm coastal  waters of their adopted home on the outer banks of North Carolina.

Kathy Ellis from the Cary Fire Department will be here on August 21 to present a video and talk about safety in our homes.  

Rob Greenberg will be here on August 28 to present his unique tour business, Kayenta Scientific Investigations. Kayenta offers a chance to see incredible vistas while off the beaten path, and to learn about the geology that formed these amazing landscapes.

It’s Too Hot To Cook Month!

The bus will be transporting you  to local restaurants

in the month of August, because it is too hot to cook!!!



July Birthdays 
Betty Smith—2
Elaine Mangum—13
Shirley Rieck—13
Helen Moll—14
Betty Mongrain—18
Jean Harper—21
Chris Vezzetti—22
Carol French—30
Joan Landreth—31

August Birthdays 
Phyllis Piccola—1
Irene Chapogas—9
Millie Hellmann—20
Egon Neubert—22
Flo Sudduth—24
Terry Kagan—25
Evelyn Richards—25

Heritage Pines 1st Anniversary
Irene Chapogas—July
Chuck & Sandy Hahn—July

Congratulations on Grand Babies!
Martin & Millie Anderson
Tarvy & Mary Giannuzzi

Thinking of You
Norm Collyer
Jim & Paula Frederici
Johanna Truncale

Wedding Anniversaries

July Wedding Anniversaries
Keith & Sue Holland—4
Frank & Doris Rzasa—14
Travis & Linda Thompson—16

August Wedding Anniversaries
Joe & Pat Dunbeck—2
Dick & Mary Hinkley—4
Norm & Helen Collyer—21
Rex & Eileen Hoppa—27

Welcome New Neighbors
Lois Bigelow
Bob & Mary Hodes
Warren & Eleanor Klittner
Robert & Norma Peterson
Travis & Linda Thompson
Tim & Mary Wilkins



Bug Alert: 

Ants and wasps are becoming more visible and pesky. Watch for the paper wasps or mud daubers building in all sorts of unlikely places—check your porch light fixtures, they also like patio umbrellas, be alert.

Fire ants are exploding from the earth, please be careful, they bite and they can be deadly.

To realize the many advantages of the community and to preserve the value of the 
investment each homeowner has made in their property, it is necessary that certain 
procedures, rules and regulations be established to meet these needs and the 
well being of each homeowner.

Your homeowners association management asks for your cooperation in 
complying with these procedures, rules and regulations.

An application process has been established by which a resident can request 
approval for proposed changes or modifications to the exterior of their home and/or property. 

The application forms are available in the clubhouse lobby and may be submitted to the office. 

The resident will receive written notification of approval or rejection of the 
application once the Architectural Control  Committee completes its review.  


The office can make copies of your plot plan, which is required with most of the applications.
It has come to our attention that we should have been requiring arch applications on sprinkler 
systems, attic fans and sky lights as they are all changes to the exterior of your home. 

Please submit an application even if you have already made these changes.

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to familiarize themselves with the 
content of the Rules and Regulations which are in effect at the time of application.
PLEASE make life easier and submit your arch changes to the office to prevent 
extra time and paper work on reminding you.
Thank You


Temple Theatre—September 5

We will have a bus trip to see the matinee performance of 

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change at the Temple Theatre in Sanford, NC. 

This hilarious new musical revue pokes fun at the crazy bliss of love and relationships, from the first date to marriage, children, and the golden years. 

You need to have your ticket money in by August 9. If you have any questions please ask at the clubhouse.

Creative Arts 

The Bye-Lo reproduction porcelain doll workshop produced twelve doll heads and 24 doll hands. Thanks to Myrna Worsley who has patiently shown everyone how to work in this medium. 

Patience is what she has because it is very difficult to clean the clay. This continues through August. We will have a tea party to present the dolls in the fall.

Fall Sewing Program: - If you are interested in a weekly or biweekly general sewing class please sign up in the office. We have a professional instructor ( Betty Mongrain) who is willing to teach this class. The size will be limited to 9 and you will be able to choose your own project.

We will have a holiday decorative sweatshirt class in October, taught by Linda Dzuba. Further details will follow.


Odds and Ends! 

Upcoming Events:

  • Pilates exercise has changed nights to Wednesdays hoping it will suit the schedule of more people. Come and visit if you are interested in this wonderful exercise.
  • A Bridge group has formed and is meeting every other Thursday night beginning August 1. Contact Dave or Dean Lockwood for details.


If you wish to share your email address on the community roster please let the office know.


A specific head count for events—please use the sign up forms provided each month.

Community Fall Yard Sale—

Will be held on Saturday, October 5 from 8:00 

Men’s Breakfast:

Please note the change to Tuesday on August 6 and back to Wednesday on August 21.

Model Sail Boat Club:

If you are interested in joining the Model Sail Boat Club please talk to John Unterreiner for details.The orange and yellow balls in the large pond are slalom buoys used as markers for the one meter model sailboats.


Perfumes, cologne and after shaves can be breath-taking when in the closed area of a bus. Please refrain from over-splashing yourself on days you are riding the bus.

Lawn Care: 

Please make sure you are weeding your borders, it has been a dry summer but the weeds have not given up and we want our community to look its best even in the drought.


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