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News Around the Clubhouse

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
Betty Landes, Director
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014


Special Events
Ladies Lunch
Bus Trips
Pot Luck Dinner
Men’s Breakfast


Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press

Party—October 31
You are invited to attend our 1st annual Halloween Costume Party. Find that special outfit to wear and bring some snacks to share. It will be an evening filled with fun and  surprises. There will be a sign up sheet in the lobby for the snacks you will be bringing to share. You do not have to wear a costume to attend Mark your calendars for 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 31.

Two Parker Call Tours this month. A repeat of # 103 and a new one #106, the cemeteries, just in time for Halloween. Since the bus cannot hold everyone we will be repeating her

tours so everyone gets a chance to learn more about Raleigh.

Tour 103 will be of the Lane/ Mordecai Family Homes and then a visit to Oakwood, Raleigh’s oldest historic district.

A bus to the Duplin Winery is scheduled for October 16. You will be treated to a tour, have lunch in the Bistro and then off to visit the Dr. Buckner Hill Plantation. It is pre-Civil War, Greek Revival-Italianate building. This is the location where the movie Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood was filmed.

Two trips are scheduled to the NC State Fair this year. They are both on senior day at the fair. The evening trip will include an  opportunity for you to attend the Grand Ole Opry Legends Fest ($5 ticket cost to be purchased by you) and you will have a chance to see the evening fireworks show. You pick the morning trip or the evening trip.


Homeowners who sign up for events in order for us to plan for the correct set up and amount of food to be purchased.

October Birthdays

Jim Bryant—6
Ray Henry—9
Doris Rzasa—12
Claire Salvatore—15
Aggie Woessner—16
Mary Wilkins—17
Gerry Mongrain—21
Paul Salvatore—22
Linda Thompson—22
Sue Holland—24
Martin Anderson—25

Heritage Pines 1st Anniversaries
J B & Janie Couch
Ed & Sandy Giovino
Harriet Goldstein

Congratulations on New Grand Baby!
Walt & Sandy Ramsey

Thinking of You
Irene Chapogas
Tom Egan
Ralph Norris
Lee Mazan
Judy Moore

Wedding Anniversaries

Jim & Nancy Clark—6
Charlie & Kathy Haddon—11
Ray & Jeanine Henry—13
Al & Marjorie Roos—15

Welcome New Neighbors

Paul Bowker
Mary Campbell
Mike & Sally Etkin
Pat Flynn
Olga Lord
Gloria Madigan
Bill & Joan Wark
Robert & Aggie Woessner


Bus Sign Up Book

The sign up sheets for the October bus trips will be out on Saturday after lunch. This is an experiment, due to requests from homeowners.

Items of Interest!

Architectural Control
Many of you have been turning in your requests for prior or upcoming changes to your property. Thank you.
There are others who need to fill out the forms and get their records straight with the community association. The forms can be found in the bottom drawer of the sideboard in the Lobby.

Neighborhood Block Captains

  • Lois Bigelow

  • Gloria Broedel

  • Audrey Duck

  • Betty Ecklund

  • Millie Hellmann

  • Mary Hodes

  • Bev Loseke

  • Betty Morgan

  • Sandy Ramsey

If you are going out of town please let your neighbor or a block captain know so community information will not be left visible from the street. If you have a better place for them to leave information please let them know.

We have a Hospitality Committee. They make welcome bags for new homeowners, send cards, deliver a gift to anyone who needs a little cheer and more. If you know of anyone who could use our support please let someone on the committee know. We are looking for new members if you are interested—the first Monday of the month is the meeting.

Here is a list of the Fall contacts:

  • Mary Hodes- September

  • Lois Bigelow—October

  • Betty Morgan—November

Other committee members are Gloria Broedel, Audrey Duck, Betty Ecklund, Ray Henry, Bev Loseke, Betty Morgan, and Flo Sudduth.

It was decided at the last town meeting to try roping off the ponds and bocce court to keep the geese away from our property. It has been working in other areas of the country and we hope it will help in our community.
Hunt’s Landscaping will be placing the posts and roping around the ponds shortly.



This is your clubhouse and you need to help keep it clean. We have a cleaning service weekly, but we use this building daily. It is necessary for you to pick up and clean up after yourself. Cleaning supplies may be found in the kitchen and the adjoining alcove. If you need more items please let the office know. This is your money!!!!


Temple Theatre—September 5

Upcoming Matinees

  • Prelude to a Kiss—October 3

  • The Woman In Black—November 7

Creative Arts 

The dolls are getting their outfits made in the sewing class. New dolls being made are Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. Soon they will be ready for their outfits.

For those interested in making a porcelain doll, Myrna is starting a new class in January. The class size will be limited. Please talk to Myrna Worsley if you are interested in taking the class.

It’s time to make those holiday gifts. Ceramics is every Monday and everyone is welcome to attend.

Odds and Ends! 


Community Yard Sale:

Saturday, October 5 from 8:00 am


A new class will begin October 8. It is designed to stretch, strengthen and tone your body. Laury Holley has specifically designed this class with you in mind. Aquacise will end here on October 3. If you are interested in continuing water exercise, Laury will be teaching at the Morrisville pool beginning the second week in October. Information is in the lobby about this class.

Men’s Breakfast:

Twice a month—a Tuesday and a Wednesday—check the calendar for the dates and menu.

Ladies Lunch:

We are running out of food at the lunches. Please bring enough food to share with others. This is a popular event and you do need to sign up for people to calculate how much to bring.


Happy Hour at the clubhouse every Friday night.

Mexican Train:

A dominos game begins on October 11 at 7:00 pm

Model Sail Boat Club:

Meeting & sail on Sunday, October 6, everyone is welcome. We are working on a permanent launching site for the boats.


Please check the calendar and bus book for information on up coming trips. The bus book has more information than offered in the calendar.

The bus will be going in for repairs during the first two weeks in October.

Holiday Parties:

You will be getting information shortly on the schedule of holiday parties at the clubhouse. The date for the Christmas Party will be December 7, mark your calendar.

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