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News Around the Clubhouse

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
Betty Landes, Director
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014


Heritage Happenings 
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August Wedding Anniversaries  

4- Dick & Mary Hinkley
14- Steve & Linda Dzuba
20- Bob & Bobby Cathcart
21- Norm & Helen Collyer
26- Joe & Pat Dunbeck
27- Rex & Eileen Hoppa
29- Mert 7 Marilyn Sirota
30- Bob & Gail McKernie
31- George & Beba Zevgolis

You Asked for It

Effective August 9, our mailing
address and zip code change to Cary, NC 27519. Many thanks to Rex Hoppa who got the petition from the community to Jennifer Robinson, our Cary Town Council representative.

Pig Picking –9/1

Spend the day (or as much of it as you like) building up an appetite for
pig and chicken with all the fixings. We’ll start with juice and coffee in the morning while we watch the pig being put on the coals. In the afternoon, we will enjoy the aroma of roasting pig while sipping lemonade. Still later, when we can resist no longer, we will dig into the big meal at 5:30. Tickets are $11.50 per person and must be purchased by Noon on 8/21.


Kudos to Bob Hodes who duplicated Mert Sirota’s achievement of May—Bob also sunk the “8” ball on the break while playing at the clubhouse in June.

Community Advisory Board

  • Marguerite Summers
  • Julia Taylor
  • Emmett Waller

These homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board

Pizza at the Pool—8/3

Join your neighbors at the pool and order pizzas. The pizzas will be ordered as a group, but each person will pay for his/her own pizza. Feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Community Meeting

Craig Lang, from Westminster Homes will be meeting with all interested homeowners at the clubhouse on August 6th at 5:00 pm to talk about changes in the plans for the phase ll & lll walking trails. The Town of Cary wants input from the neighborhood residents. They have said they do not want to be involved in the decision about the trail, they just want to know the wishes of the community. Prior to the general meeting, the Advisory Board took a walk of the proposed trail area with Craig to evaluate the terrain and its acceptability for a walking path.

August Birthdays

1- Phyllis Piccola
1- Tim Wilkins
4- Simone Curtis
9- Irene Chapogas
11– Dru Anderson
16- Sally Etkin
19- Ralph Hakanson
20- Millie Hellmann
22- Linda Dzuba
22- Egon Neubert
24- Flo Sudduth
25- Terry Kagan
25- Evelyn Richards
26- Pat Dunbeck

Welcome New Neighbors

Drue Anderson

Ralph & Joan Hakanson,

Frank & Chadyeane Laza
Thinking of You
Betty Bartlow
Russell Cain
Jim Clark
Nancy Clark
Dorothy Egan
Betty Ecklund
Bev Loseke
Gloria Madigan
Helen Wilson


Clubhouse & Neighborhood:

Calendar and Newsletter are on the Web:

The Heritage Pines calendar and newsletter are available on the web at If you are away from home and want to check on planned events, just log on for the latest information. The Newsletter and calendar are usually posted within a week of the time they are distributed here.

Bus Book:

The new sign up pages will available on Thursday, July 24 at 10:00 am. The book will be divided by the week, and each week will be placed in a different area of the clubhouse. Remember to put your name on the waiting list if the bus is full. If you do not get on this bus trip, we will plan another one.

Notebook in Lobby:

The “For Sale”/Wanted/Service Directory in the clubhouse lobby has been well received. We are adding another category for the listing of free items or coupons to share. Please take advantage of this opportunity to exchange information with your neighbors.

Remember the garage door

Sometimes we forget the garage door when we go inside the house. An open door is an invitation to any wildlife in the area and could allow uninvited “guests” to take advantage of us. Despite our best intentions, we occasionally forget so let’s initiate a “neighborhood watch”. If you see a neighbor has left the door open, give him/her a call.

Around the Clubhouse 

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Emmett Waller, Marguerite Summers and Julia Taylor with Craig Lang discussing the steep terrain of proposed walking trails in the next phase of development. We will be having a community meeting on August 6 for an open discussion on the trails.

Martin Anderson and Chig Hill smile for the camera .

Joyce Bryant and Bev Loseke would rather eat their pizza. This was the first pizza pool party and it will be repeated August 3.

More smiling faces at Lake Johnson, waiting for the Jaclyn Turner concert. What a lovely way to listen to music by the lake. In this picture moving clockwise and starting with Bob Hodes, bus driver, Marie Miskowitz, Norma Curran, Mary Wilkins and Barbara Yu.

Bob Cady plays taps as Frank Hanarahan holds the flag for Memorial Day, what a great day at the clubhouse for the hot dog and hamburger cookout.
Who am I?
My body does not belong to my feet.

Everyone is on the deck singing God Bless America at the Memorial Day presentation. Travis Thompson led the singing

Mah Jongg

Are there any Mah Jongg players in the neighborhood? Terry Kagan is looking for players interested in joining a group of neighbors who enjoy Mah Jongg. If you would like to play, call Terry.