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News Around the Clubhouse

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
Betty Landes, Director
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014

Heritage Happenings 
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October Wedding Anniversaries  

 6-James & Nancy Clark
11-Charles & Kathleen Haddon
13-Ray & Jeanine Henry
15-Al & Margie Roos
20-Bob & Virginia Kiehne
22-Jerry & Chris Vezzetti

Breakfast with Santa

Reserve the morning of Saturday, December 6th, to bring your grandchildren (and adult children) to the clubhouse for breakfast with Santa. We are looking for some of our “Breakfast men” to cook and “Luncheon ladies to decorate and plan the entertainment. There will be a nominal charge to cover the cost of food. Watch for more details in the November Newsletter.

New computer program
Thanks to John Worsley for creating a new computer program exclusively for the clubhouse that, among many features, will allow us to print tickets for events. The program will help us to organize events more efficiently.

Halloween Costume Party
Start planning your costume now for the Halloween party October 31 at 6 pm at the clubhouse.

Grecian Festival

The ‘03 Grecian Festival will be September 26-28 at the Scott  Pavilion, N.C. State Fairgrounds. The bus will be going Sunday, September 28th. Thanks to Beba Zevgolis, we have free tickets at the clubhouse that are good any day of the festival. Please stop by and pick up tickets if you can use them.
Swim Season Ends

Pool Closing

The weather is changing and the time has come to close the pool for another year. We will close the pool for the 2003 season on October 12th.

Pot Luck Dinner
There will be a charge of $2.50 per person. Paul Minnis and Company will be providing the entertainment. Seating is limited to the first 100 to sign-up. Come and enjoy the evening with your neighbors.


October Birthdays

1-Virginia Smith
2- Nadia McNally
6-James Bryant
9-Jeannie Henry
10-Faye Settle
12-Doris Rzasa
15-Claire Salvatore
16-Aggie Woessner
17-Dick Shannon
17-Mary Wilkins
21-Gerry Mongrain
22-June Colon
22-Paul Salvatore
22-Linda Thompson
24-Sue Holland
25-Martin Anderson
27-Robert McKernie
29-Josephine Rossiter


Hospitality Chairman
for the month:
September: Lois Bigelow
October: Bev Loseke

Welcome New Neighbors

Robert & Mirella Brevko
Vince & Doreen Eutizzi
Joe & Mary Kane
Bob & Carol Tiedemann
Bob & Freda Settle
John & Nadia McNally
and Rose Meguerian
Thinking of You
Nancy Clark
Norm Collyer
Linda Dzuba
Terry Kagan
Gloria Madigan
Ralph Norris
Johanna Truncale
George Zevgolis


Clubhouse & Neighborhood:

Parking Stickers

All residents were given parking stickers when they registered at the clubhouse shortly after purchasing a home in Heritage Pines. Those stickers must be displayed on the driver’s side front bumper or the back of the rear view mirror so that cars belonging in the community can be identified. Unidentified cars may be towed as we are having a problem with non-residents parking here and the sticker is the only way to
Identify homeowners’ cars.

Bus Transportation

There must be a minimum number of people in order to take the bus out. For local trips we will need at lest 6 people and for long trips there must be 9 or more people. If fewer people sign-up or fail to show up after signing-up, the trip will be cancelled. Anyone planning to go on a bus trip who finds it necessary to cancel should do so as soon as possible so that others will know if a trip will not be taking place. Please help with this problem.

Bus Book

The new sign up pages will available on Tuesday, September 23 at 1:00 pm. The book will be divided by the week, and each week will be placed in a different area of the clubhouse. Remember to put your name on the waiting list if the bus is full. If you do not get on this bus trip, we will plan another one at a later date.



Around the Clubhouse 

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Jerry Vezzetti, Art Sheaffer and Bob Hodes strap down the patio furniture before Isabel landed.


Gloria Madigan has come to return a book to Matilda McBurney, our Wake County


New Homeowners
Top: Joe & Mary Kane


New Homeowners
Nadia McNally & Rose Meguerian


Jo Romano winner of the
raffle—prize a porcelain doll donated by Myrna Worsley


Jerry Vezzetti winner of the 50/50 drawing at the pig picking.


New homeowner
Mirella Brevko & Dutchie


The pig is almost ready for everyone to enjoy.

The line up to watch the pig being placed on the grill—another great event at HP—it was an all day party.—The line up—Angie Lacenere, Art Sheaffer, Joe Lacenere, John and Sandy Alexander, Sandy Ramsey, Phyllis Piccola, Liz Mongrain, Ray Doyle and Drue Anderson.


David Yu takes a break from tennis to smile for the camera.

Lynn & Russell Cain poise for a picture for the community directory.