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News Around the Clubhouse

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Cary, NC 27519
Betty Landes, Director
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014

Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press

Community Thanks To The Following
Chairpersons and Their Committees :

  • Hospitality
    Betty Morgan

  • Ladies’ Luncheon
    Susan Smith

  • Men's Breakfast
    6/14 Dick Hellkamp
    6/28 Bob Hodes

  • Men’s Ice Cream Social
    Jeanette Adamski

  • The Way We Were
    Nancy White

  • A Taste of Italy
    Pat Schneider

  • English Tea Party
    Margaret Pritt & Nancy White


HPCA Board
July 14 - 4:00 pm


In order to lock in good caterers and musical entertainment for the parties in the busy month of December, they need to be contacted and booked NOW! It may seem to be too early but it isn’t. We need volunteers to serve on the various event committees. If you are willing to host, co-host or help with the holiday parties, New Year’s Eve celebration, Breakfast with Santa and a New Year’s Day Brunch, please complete the separate form found in the newsletter and return it to the clubhouse office.

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the social committee: Bob Hodes, Marilyn James, Joe Lacenere, Olga Lord, Lee Duffy-Mazan, Shirley Rieck, Pat Schneider, Susan Smith, John Unterreiner and Nancy White.
The only way we can enjoy these memorable events is for residents to volunteer to make them happen. Please help to make them a reality! It’s our clubhouse, let’s use it! It’s our community, let’s enjoy it!

Bus Book

Friday, July 1, 2005 at 1:00 pm sign-up pages in clubhouse.


July 13 & 27
10:30 am


July 13 - 4:00 pm

July 28 - 3:00 pm

July 19—4:00 pm


At several of the recent “free”
clubhouse events, there have been a large number of “NO SHOWS”. (Nearly 100 total at the last four events). These are residents who have signed up and then have NOT cancelled and not attended. Even though a fee isn’t charged, a great deal of time, effort and physical energy to set up as well as money for refreshments goes into the
planning of any event. Please be considerate and cancel any time you cannot be present and mark your calendars when you register so you won’t just “forget” to come. If this should continue to happen, it may be necessary to charge for ALL clubhouse events. Does anyone have another solution for this problem?

Tropical Island Party
Save Saturday evening, August 27, 2005 for a special “Island Adventure” in the HP clubhouse. A great dinner and entertainment are planned by host, Judy Smith and her committee. The August newsletter will have more information.

Ice Cream Social
Another date to reserve is Sunday evening, August 7, 2005 at 6:00 pm for an Ice Cream Social hosted by Myrna Worsley and The Thimble Club. Catering this treat will be Goodberry’s! More information will be in the August newsletter.


HP Homeowner
Board Members

Emmett Waller

Fran Drisko

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.

New Neighbors
  • Jeff & Nancy Dunn
  • Bill & Nan Grothmann
  • Dick & Lorrie Gross
  • Bernie & Linda Kenik
  • Bill & Martha Kozar
  • George & Dorothy Raulet
  • Bob & Ann Thompson
  • Lee & Nan Van Buren
  • Jim & Al Williams
Thinking of You

Irene Chapogas
Hilda Hill
Gail Keenan
Joe Lacenere
Dean Lockwood
Evelyn Richards
Otto Schafer
Bob Tiedemann
Becky Waller


Wedding Anniversaries

 1-Jim & Jeannie Royston
 4 –Keith & Sue Holland
 4-George & Dorothy Raulet
 5-Dick & Lorrie Gross
14-Frank & Doris Rzasa
16-Travis & Linda Thompson
17-Art & Marianne Heaton
21-Dave & Marlene Gadigian
21-Ralph & Joan Hakanson
26-Doug & Barbara Lipson
28-Mel & Donna Long

  • Nothing to report.
July Birthdays

 1-Carolyn Padley
 3-Betty Smith
 4-Janice Dilen
 4-Ray Dilen
 4-Martha Kozar
 7-Jeanette Adamski
 7-Joyce Aspinall
 8-Alice White
13-John McNally
13-Elaine Mangum
13-Shirley Rieck

14-Helen Moll
16-Ray Bassi
18-Liz Mongrain
20-Mary Grandpre
21-Jean Harper
22-Mary Easley
22-Chris Vezzetti
22-Angie Lacenere
24-Carol Elvers
From Hospitality Chair:

Hospitality Chairman for: July - Pat Hajian.

If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Pat.

Around the Clubhouse 

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Give a Warm Heritage Pines Welcome to Our New Neighbors

Betty & John Crown
Joan & John Robinson
Helen Bechtel
Mary Popke
Al & Katherine Panebianco are enjoying Italian Night, their first party as new homeowners.

Happenings at Heritage Pines

Laura Tomlinson & Lee Aliberti at the Ladies Breakfast
Jim Bryant, Joe Lacenere, Paul Thimsen, and John Worsley, chefs from the Ladies Breakfast
Susan Smith, Carolyn Padley, Gloria Madigan, Alice Cassimatis, Millie Hellman at the English Tea.
Al Roos, Travis Thompson, Ed Eagle and Doug Elvers, take a break from serving at the Ladies Breakfast
Phyllis Piccola, Jo Romano, and Sue Holland show off their hats at the Lady Margaret’s English Tea