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News Around the Clubhouse

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Cary, NC 27519
Betty Landes, Director
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014

Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press


HP Homeowner
Board Members

Emmett Waller

Fran Drisko

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.



The Team urges all residents to attend this important meeting. The date, time and location will be announced in the November newsletter.

We plan to bring everyone up to date on the Covenants, the  Conditions and the Restrictions for Heritage Pines.

The members of the Team have been working very hard to assure the community that all of the legal matters will be in order at the
turnover to the Homeowners – and will continue to pursue every avenue necessary to complete the task which they have been given.

Community Thanks To The Following Chairpersons
and Their Committees:

  • Hospitality - Nancy White

  • Men's Breakfasts - Dick Hellkamp & Bob Hodes

  • Ladies Lunch - The Heritage Pines Book Club

  • Labor Day Pizza Party -
    Jeanette Adamski

  • Grand Parents Celebration -
    Martha Ingling & Barbara Lipson

  • Texas Jamboree Pot Luck -
    Nancy White

Check Your Insert!

Please check the insert in your newsletter for details of the  following activities:

Make Your Own Teddy Bear
Mondays, October 9th & 16th

Ladies’ Pot Luck Lunch
Tuesday, October 17th

Flu Shots
Wednesday, October 18th

Art Club Show
Saturday, October 21st

Community Brunch
Sunday, October 22nd

4th Annual Golf Scramble
Thursday, October 26th

Halloween Party
Saturday, October 28th

Veterans Day
Saturday morning, November 11th.

HPCA Board Meeting
October 19 - 10:30 am

Heritage Pines Committee  Meetings:
  • Architectural - October 11 & 25 - 10:30 am
  • Clubhouse - October 4 - 4:00 pm
  • Finance - October 11 - 4:00 pm
  • Grounds - October 26 - 2:00 pm
  • Social - October 10 - 4:00 pm

New Neighbors
  • James & Joan Hall
  • Katy Jackson
  • Ed & Alice Moldt
Thinking of You

Alice Cassimatis
Family of Bruno Creglia
Martha Ingling
Pat Schneider
Lois Snyder
Marguerite Summers
Jean Tiedemann


Wedding Anniversaries

  2 - Fred & Angie DeVita
  3 - Otto & Brigitte Schafer
  6 - James & Nancy Clark
15 - Al & Margie Roos
21 - Nick & Ann Iulo
22 - Jerry & Chris Vezzetti
23 - Ernie & Mary Hahl

  • Rex & Eileen Hoppa on
    the birth their grandson:
    Luke Hudson Hoppa on July 26, 2006; 8lbs, 12 oz.
  • Olga Lord on the birth of her first great granddaughter: Abigail Paige Hornstein on July 30, 2006; 7 lbs, 15 oz.
  • Pat Schneider on the birth of her first grand-daughter: Marissa Anne Kemp on August 16, 2006; 7 lbs, 5 oz.
October Birthdays

  1-Virginia Smith
  2-Nadia McNally
  2-Milton Miskew
  2-Marianna Tock
  3-Anne Council
  3-Gracie Howington
 3-Jerry Steffey
  5-Frank Hill
  5-Jack Snyder
  5-Paul Thimsen
  6-Jim Bryant
  7-Mary Ellen Heller
10-Faye Settle
11-Howard Orebaugh
12-Doris Rzasa
14-Barbara Jerchower
14-Barbara Sowter
15-Claire Salvatore
15-Nan VanBuren
16-Aggie Woessner

17-Ann Thompson
17-Dick Shannon
17-Mary Wilkins
18-Pat Grasso
18-Cathy Mannix
19-Carole Pederson
20-Pat Hajian
21-Gerry Mongrain
22-June Colon
22-Teresa Luciano
22-Chrys Matthews
22-Paul Salvatore
22-Linda Thompson
24-Sue Holland
24-Bill McDaniel
25-Martin Anderson
25-Ann Crispi
27-Bob McKernie
29-Harriet Gordon
30-Mary Alice Kelley
31-Joe Kane
31-Dick Wenke
From Hospitality Chair:

Hospitality Chairman October - Doris Eutizzi.
If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Doris.

Around the Clubhouse 

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Welcome new homeowners


James & Joan Hall


Katy Jackson

Ed & Alice Moldt

All Having Fun!
Pictures from two recent wonderful events at the clubhouse
Tropical Island Night and ...


Judy & Drew Smith who hosted Tropical Island Night for the second year in a row!

Audrey & Warren Schmidt with Nan Grothmann

Charlie & Fran Dusterhoff

Bobbie Cathcart, Bob & Faye Settle
Grandparents’ Celebration

Bridgette and Otto Shafer became the major attraction at the Grandparents’ Celebration— Wool’ E Bull took a back seat to face painting.
Three painted faces from our grandparents’ celebration.