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Volume 9, Issue 3 · March 2009

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A Note from the President

It is snowing as I write this. The weatherman says we will have about 6‖ of snow today. How can this be? Isn‘t this North Carolina? Having been raised in the North and seeing more then my share of snow, I am not impressed! The beauty of living down here, and especially in Heritage Pines, is that the snow won‘t keep us from getting together with our neighbors today. I have decided to call the Board and see who is willing to come out and get together for a work session today. Might as well use this day to work on some upcoming bids we need to discuss. Luckily, every Board member will attend. I also spoke to some neighbors who are getting together for bridge, while others will be playing Rummikub. No, in this community, the weather won‘t hold us captive. How nice it is to be able to pick up the phone and have company within walking distance!

Have you ever wanted to know how much the food bill was for a clubhouse party that took place two years ago? How about the name of the entertainer we had at a Luau or where the best place is to purchase decorations for a function? I am totally amazed how Betty Landes can get this info so quickly. Betty is a great source of information for so many in this community. I have depended on Betty time after time to get me accurate information in a timely manner. Thanks Betty, you make the Board‘s job much easier!

As many of you know, Nancy Blunt, who works in the office with Betty, recently fell on the ice near her home and broke her elbow. She will be out quite awhile while recuperating. If anyone would like to send Nancy a get well note, Betty has placed get well cards in the lobby for people to sign or you may get Nancy‘s address from the office if you want to send your own greeting.

Don‘t forget to check out what‘s happening around the clubhouse by looking at the monthly calendar. There are lots of fun activities, volunteer opportunities, exercise groups, and table games to play. All are welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you out and about,

Pat Schneider

March Trivia Pot Luck Dinner

Don’t forget: The March Trivia Pot Luck Dinner will be held in the clubhouse on March 7 at 5:30 pm. After dinner, we will test our knowledge with trivia questions. Deadline to register was Feb. 23.

Choral Group

Several residents are planning to form a mixed voice (men & women) choral group here at Heritage Pines. They will meet on Friday, March 6, at 2 pm. There will be a sign up sheet in the lobby. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following: Mary Giannuzzi, Joan Hall, Nancy Romano, or Eva Germano. Plan on raising your voice in harmony!.

Keeping A Healthy Brain

Peggy Smith is our guest speaker in a new educational series being offered. Come listen to current information on reducing your risk of developing Alzheimer‘s Disease or other dementias.. Monday, March 16, at 3 pm.

St. Patrick’s Day Party

Food, Fun, Music and Games - join the gang. The annual St. Patrick‘s Day Bash will be held on Saturday, March 14, 2009, at 5:30 pm in the clubhouse. The traditional dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, Irish soda bread & dessert will be catered by The Hibernian Restaurant. The cost is $17.00 per person and the deadline to register is noon, Monday, March 2. Your hosts are Bob & Mary Hodes. Selection will be by lottery and the drawing will be at 2:00 pm on the deadline day. Please make out a separate check for this event. Don‘t forget to - think green!

Ladies Lunch - White Elephant

The March Ladies‘ Lunch will be held in the clubhouse on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 12:30 pm. Your hostesses are Mary Schroeder & Jean Tiedemann.
This will be a brown bag lunch (fast food, grocery deli, restaurant, or just make your own), and there is a $2.00 charge. DO NOT bring dessert. It will be waiting for you. Now is the time to get rid of that "beautiful" gift that you don‘t like and don‘t want. Please wrap the artifact and bring it to the luncheon so you can exchange it for another "wonderful" treasure. The deadline for reservations is noon, Monday, March 2. Come and have fun with your friends and neighbors.

Missing from the Clubhouse

The large white notebook containing information about various service individuals and companies that was kept in the clubhouse lobby for everyone‘s use is missing. If you borrowed the book to obtain information, please return it to the lobby. If you know anything about its mysterious disappearance, please call the clubhouse office...

Community Reminders

Stop Signs

It is important for everyone driving through Heritage Pines to obey the traffic signs posted by the Town of Cary. The speed limit is set at 25 mph, and there are numerous STOP signs throughout the community.
Unfortunately several residents are ignoring the regulations, and accidents are bound to happen. Please obey the traffic signs. It is bad enough when non-residents speed and run the traffic signs but HP residents must be more responsible and thoughtful of their neighbors and the law.

Morty Berkowitz

Pet Waste

Please clean up after your pets. It is not only the community association rule, it is also a rule for the Town of Cary. You can be fined for not comply-ing. The latest sighting of unclaimed pet waste was at the corner of Rockport Ridge Way and Up-lands Creek. Drive.

Touring the Clubhouse

A homeowner who is selling his home is required to be with a real estate agent and/or a prospective buyer who wants to tour the clubhouse. In the event the homeowner cannot be there, he or she may ask another resident to escort the people through the facility. If there is a specific problem or situation, please contact Morty

March Trivia Pot Luck Dinner

Trivia Pot Luck Dinner will be held in the clubhouse on March 7. at 5:30 pm. After dinner, we will test our knowledge with trivia questions. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. The cost is $2.00 and it will be hosted by Mary & Bud Grandpre and Martha & Bill Kozar. The deadline for signing up is Monday, February 23. Bring a dish to share and join in the fun.

Poetry with Dave Manning

On Sunday, March 22, at 2:30 pm, HP resident Dave Manning will entertain you with his program called - Sitting Down With a Poem-A New Way of Falling in Love.‖ To quote Dave, - The author's reflections will touch on humor, ambiguity, surprise, and, above all, the Music of Poetry. Also, giving (not totally) obscure poems (the one in "The New Yorker") a chance; clichés, rhyme vs. free verse, poetry vs. prose, and "the little magazines" -you gotta love "em." Please register on your sign-up sheet. The cost is $2.00, and the deadline is noon, Monday, March 16. Refreshments will be served.

Art Club

The Art Group is considering an oil & acrylic painting class for the month of May. This class would be taught by Marcelle Hook who teaches art in several area schools. She would teach still-life or landscape painting on the four Friday mornings in May. The four classes would cost $50.00 per person. We would like to have a show of interest now to see if it is worthwhile to finalize the time and teacher. Please call Eileen Fitzgerald at 462-3625 if you are interested.

Thanks again. Tina, Barbara, Martha, Jo and Angie.

Neighbors in the News

The Small Wonders Miniature Club of Cary was mentioned in the Sightings section of the January/February issue of Cary Living. Heritage Pines residents Joan Edlind and Mary Ellen Heller are members of the club and displayed their designs at the October HP ladies' luncheon.

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On-Site Manager
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Dick Hellkamp

Directors at Large
Vito Romano
Emmett Waller

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In the subject box of the email write - HP Board

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.

Community Thanks To The Following Chairpersons and Their Committees :

  • Hospitality - Pat Hajian
    Ladies‘ Lunch - Betty Ecklund & Fran Livoti

  • Men's Breakfast - Bob Hodes & Doug Lipson

  • Valentine Pot Luck Dinner - Janet & Dick Deal

  • Glass Beads - Janet Deal

  • Mardi Gras Masks - Saundra Robertson

  • Mardi Gras Party - Margaret Fox & Barbara Harcharic

Brickman Field Notes:

Residents of Heritage Pines,

Spring is springing and the turf is starting to grow. We have resumed our mowing throughout the property, and we love the results that we are seeing from our aeration and over-seeding process last fall. Again, some of the more challenging areas will take a couple of more seasons to fill in, but we are ecstatic with the results that we are currently seeing.

We hope that you enjoyed the conversation in the early part of the year from Robert Day with Bartlett Tree Professionals. There was a fantastic crowd and some very good questions. We thank you for your participation. Betty has a price list in the office if you are interested in either root collar excavation, application of horticultural oils to combat scale on your trees, or the structural pruning on which Robert spoke.

The conversation this month - Hand Watering and Irrigation - How Much Is Enough? - will be on Monday, March 30, at 1 pm. Please join us for a discussion regarding the proper usage of your irrigation systems and hand watering. We will cover usage, clock setting, and rain sensors.

Also, many of you have noticed the sign-up sheet for extra services in the office. We are confident that this system will improve our time and effectiveness in handling these requests. As always, the office is the first line of communication for residents for any landscaping needs.
Thank you and happy spring!

Thank You
The Brickman Team


Sign Up Sheets

You may turn in your sign-up sheet beginning at 10:00 am, Monday, February 23, 2009 during office hours. None will be accepted before that time. If you are unable to deliver your sign-up sheet to the office, you may ask a neighbor or friend to take your sheet. Each resident is limited to one (1) extra sheet. Thank you for your patience. We trying to work on making event sign-up pleasurable for everyone.

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HPCA Board Meeting
March 9 - 10:00 am

Heritage Pines Committee  Meetings:
  • Architectural Review - March 11 & 25 at 10:00 am
  • Clubhouse - March 6 at 10:30 am
  • Finance - March 11 at 11:00 am
  • Grounds - March 18 at 4:00 pm
  • Social - March 2 at 11:00 am

New Neighbors
  • No new neighbors to report
Thinking of You

Clare Cady
Norma Curran
Joan Edlind
Laly Gener
Alice Gunther
Dave Harcharic
Roslyn Hartsell
Bernie Kenik
Chadyeane Laza
Janet Petruccione
Mary Popke
Margaret Pritt
Louise Reinders
Joe Schroeher
Becky Waller


March Wedding Anniversaries  

 9-Jerry & Lou Ann Steffey
11-Rolf & Dee Mueller
12-Ed & Sandy Giovino
14-Norm & Myrle Adams
27-Donnie & Carol Hall
29-Paul Bowker & Fran Drisko
30-Lou & Ginny DeCellis
31-James & Elizabeth Dowdy


  • Olga Lord on the birth of her great granddaughter,
    Rebecca Ann, 7 lbs. 5 oz.
Our Deepest Sympathy to:
  • The family of Frank Zerino, who died January 3, 2009.
  • The family of Faye Settle, who died January 20, 2009.
  • Jean Gillett on the death of her husband, Roger who died January 31, 2009.
March Birthdays

  1-Joyce Bryant
  1-Kathryn Kuhn
  1-Myrna Worsley
  2-Joe Dunbeck
  3-Eva Germano
  4-Anne Beavis
  4-Chadyeane Laza
  5-Cleveland Bryant
  5-Bill White
  5-John Worsley
  6-Frances Dusterhoff
  6- Alan Garelick
  7-Clare Cady
  7-Ed Giovino
  7-Louise Reinders
  8-Jo Romano
10-Kay Cole
10-Charles Dusterhoff
10-Mary Giannuzzi
12-Ann Perry
13-David Sommerville
14-Rolf Mueller
14-Vicki Shannon

15-Marge Roos
15-Fran Williams
16-Joe Lacenere
16-Carole Stephens
17-Mania Drimer
17-Bill James
17-Carol Mitchell
17-Lynn Willard
20-Diane Miskew
21-Lorrie Gross
21-Frank Laza
21-Lois Snyder
22-David Harrison
23-Jim Clark
23-Eileen Fitzgerald
23-Carol Jean White
24-Katy Jackson
25-Bob Aliberti
25-Laura Tomlinson
26-Ginny DeCellis
28-Marge Bacola
28-Dick McCarraher
30-Alice Cassimatis
31-David Gordon

From Hospitality Chair:

Chairman March – Betty Ecklund If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Betty.

Around the Clubhouse 

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Seated: Louise Reinders and Marge Hellkamp
Standing:Alice Gunther, Judy Moore ,and Mary Campbell
Bernie Aliberti, Fran Liv-oti,and Dottie Dowding
Joan Roesler, June Colon, and Liz Mongrain
Sonia Medina, Denise Galloway, and Chris Matthews
Gourmet Club
Seated: Bill & Martha Kozar, Linda & Bernie Kenik
Standing: Susan Smith & Nancy White
Seated: Laly Gener, Pat & John Sherman and Brunie Robles.
Standing: Pat Schneider
Winter at HP
pictures by Ron Mitchell
Picture by Jim Davey
Brickman's Forum on Health Care For Trees featuring Robert Day from Bartlett Tree Service
Mardi Gras Mask Making
Janet Deal
Mary Schroeher
Pat Schneider
Fran Livoti, Eva Germano, Alice Cassimatis & Myrle Adams