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Volume 10, Issue 2 · February 2010

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A Note from the President

As this is my first letter as President of the Board for the community, I wish you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010.

The renovation of the clubhouse is moving forward and actual construction should start in early February. We now have a
Clubhouse committee with our past-president, Pat Schneider, as the liaison from the Board, so please read her article for some of the details.

Many of you have asked why we have to close the entire clubhouse down. There are many reasons, primarily the safety of our members. There will be a lot of dust, all the flooring is going to be replaced and the builder will be bringing in large beams, large folding door sets, etc. We cannot isolate the south end (exercise room) because we do not have locking doors.

So please bear with us for a couple of months and we will have a much more functional and attractive clubhouse in the end for all of us to enjoy.

On Friday, January 29, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM, we will be having an Open House for all, to see the plans, decorating samples, colors and pictures of the appliances for the renovation. The Board members will be there to answer your questions. Please come and get a preview.

Joyce Bryant

Thought for the month:
The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have.

Community Events

During the clubhouse renovations, some of the groups will be meeting in other venues while some will be taking a a break until the clubhouse reopens. In the newsletter you will find a list of scheduled activities during renovations.

For the fitness people:

The Cary Y is most happy to offer an option to your Heritage Pines community during the time your facilities are under renovation.

Each person interested will set up a short term membership for 2 months and will pay the full fee at the time of registering. For example, our Adult 65 & up monthly fee is $36.05 so an individual will pay $72.10 at the time of registration. You will need a photo ID and the payment which may be in the form of cash, check, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

They are waiving the usual enrollment fee. Tours of the facility are available. More information is available in the office.


Franklin Hills Point Holiday Cookie Exchange

On Tuesday, December 15, 2009, the HP women of Franklin Hills Point participated in a Cookie Exchange to celebrate the holiday season. The neighbors arrived at the home of Rolf & Dee Mueller with 5 1/2 dozen cookies in hand. There was great conversation and a delicious array of cookies, coffee and tea.

Evelyn and Cleveland Bryant delivered cookies from the exchange party to the USO located at the RDU Airport. The cookies were gladly accepted by the USO who were awaiting the arrival of two buses filled with service members headed to Afghanistan. They, their families and other service members and families were able to enjoy special cookie treats.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Franklin Hills Point Cookie Exchange. A wonderful time was had by all and we were able to bring joy to others in the process, We look forward to our second annual Cookie Exchange in December 2010.



A silent auction will be held on Friday, January 29, 2010 from 12 noon to 4 PM and Saturday, January 30, from 12 noon to 4 PM.

Items for sale will be appliances from the kitchen - stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, indoor furniture, deck furniture, framed pictures, and other misc. items.

Winners of the highest bid on each item will be notified Saturday after 4 PM. Items must be paid for and picked up by Tuesday, February 2, at 5:00 PM. Any items not sold or not picked up will be donated to a charity. All monies will be put towards the new TV’s for the clubhouse.

Committee Member Needed

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has an opening for a committee member who will act as secretary for a term of three years. Members meet twice a month, if needed, on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 10 a.m. Meetings usually last less than an hour.

Access to and proficiency on a computer is essential for documentation and recording minutes. This committee works hard, but also has a lot of fun.

The goal/objective of the ARC is to work within the perimeters of the covenants and the Rules and Regulations and to help preserve the prop-erty values and natural beauty of the Heritage Pines community.

You can pick up an application form from Bob Tiedemann. After completion, please return the form to him, no later than Friday, February 5, 2010.


The swimming pool is being resurfaced and a second railing will be added next to the existing railing for safety and to make it easier to get in and out of the pool. A new salt system is being put in which will save us $1,000.00 per year on chlorine and will also be gentler on skin and
bathing suits. All of this work will be started and completed before the scheduled opening date of April 10.

A new clubhouse committee is being formed. This committee will work on maintaining a functional and organized clubhouse. As the clubhouse will be closing at the end of this month, for renovations, this committee will also be working on going through what we must keep and packing it up for movers to place it in storage pods. Of course, when the clubhouse is completed, we can look forward to a Gala Reopening party for the entire community.

Submitted by Pat Schneider

Thank You

Thank you to all who brought non- perishable food to the ladies’ lunch and to those who dropped off goods during the holiday season. You have no idea how much those items are appreciated. The need is great– even more so in this cold weather. It is harder now to find jobs so a person can feed his family, stay warm and pay rent. The Dorcas Shop helps where it can, thanks to you. Future donation may be made at the Dorcas Shop at their Maynard Road location.

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Cary, NC 27519
Betty Landes, CMCA
On-Site Manager
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014 - clubhouse

Management company
Dickson Properties, Inc. (AAMC)
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HP Homeowner
Board Members

Joyce Bryant

Vice President
Morty Berkowitz

Emmett Waller

Eileen Fitzgerald

Patricia Schneider

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In the subject box of the email write - HP Board

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.

Community Thanks To The Following Chairpersons and Their Committees :

  • Hospitality - Flo Sudduth

  • Men’s Breakfasts -  Bob Hodes & Emmett Waller

  • Pot Luck Dinner & Bingo - Martha Kozar

  • Wii Orientation class - Ron & Carol Mitchell

Brickman Field Notes:

Happy ALMOST Spring,

While you may not be seeing us now as much as you do in the growing season, we are still hard at work. During February, we will be continuing our efforts to set up the 2010 growing season to be beautiful and successful! We will be working on our winter pruning, applying turf fertilizer and weed control as well as applying weed controls to the natural areas. We will also start our mowing practices to help to "wake up" the lawn areas, and continue the tree and Crape Myrtle pruning.

Thank you for completing the ‖opt in‖ or "opt out" landscape services sheet. We are working to establish a system for tracking these more accurately and timely so that we can avoid mistakes.

If you have noticed painted lines in your lawn areas, they do have a meaning.

We will be contacting you to discuss the adjustments of your bed lines to improve the aesthetics of your
landscapes and improve the quality and
efficiencies of our mowing efforts. Some of the existing bed lines in the community create tight spaces for our mowers and trimmers and deter us from providing the highest quality of cut.
Thank you for all of your continued support, and if you are in need of private services, please contact our office directly at 919-469-0002.

Thank you,
The Brickman Team

HPCA Board Meeting
February 18 - 10:00 am

Heritage Pines Committee  Meetings:
  • Architectural Review - Febryuary 10 and 24 at 10:00 am
  • Grounds -  February 14 at 4:00 pm
  • Social -j No meeting scheduled this month

New Neighbors
  • Bill & Wendy Adley
Thinking of You

Janice Bond
Eva Lynn Faucette
Marcia Garelick
Alene Hale
Carol Hand
Tom Hand
Dean Lockwood
Ruth Macziwitzki
Warren Schmidt
Fran Vesel
Fran Williams


February Wedding Anniversaries  

14-Bob & Susie Hall
14-Frank & Jeanette Hill
16-Tom Schwartz & Marilyn Gervais
22-Don & Janice Bond
22-Bill & Carolyn McDaniel
27-Warren & Audrey Schmidt

Our Deepest Sympathy to:
  • Lee & Janice Busse on the death of Lee’s sister.
  • Tina Panebianco on the death of her husband, Al.
  • Jan Richard on the death of her mother, Peggy Farris.
  • Howard & Lee Rubin on the death of Howard’s father.
  • Guni & Dinesh Kachalia on the birth of grandchild number 5 on December 10, 2009 in Hong Kong, granddaughter, Jaya Nirav Kachalia..
February Birthdays

 6-Art Heaton
 7-Ed Morgan
 8-Bud Bonney
 9-Evelyn Pettinelli
10-Cindy Yusko
12-Doug Elvers
13-Myrle Adams
13-Dave Lockwood
14-Angelo Vivelo
15-Otto Schafer
17-Tina Caffera

18-Martha Ingling
19-Tom Boxell
20-John Epps
20-Barbara Lipson
22-Alene Hale
22-Barbara Safon
24-Lee Rubin
25-Mirella Brevko
25-Mary Campbell
25-Marilyn Tsipis
29-Dick French

From Hospitality Chair:

Chairman February - Barbara Pascoe. If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Barbara..

Around the Clubhouse 

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Welcome New Neighbors


Bill & Wendy Adley


Franklin Hills Point Holiday Cookie Exchange


Kay Cole, Carole Stevens, Pat Sherman, Evelyn Bryant, Dee Mueller, Barbara Safon, Jane Gillett, Virginia Yawn and Eileen Kania..


Ladies Lunch


Phyllis Piccola, Linda Thompson & Sandy Ramsey


Victoria Riccardi, Mary Lee Tatum, & Flo Sudduth


Helen Handley, Alice Gunther & Roslyn Hartsell


Sonia Medina, Nell Naughton & Margaret Fox


Harriet Gordon, Jo Romano & Sue Holland
Holiday Party 2009

Clare Cady & Mary Easley


Dick & Mary Hinkley

Bob Cole braved the inclement weather this special night.

Irv & Delores Silberberg

Kathryn Kuhn

Bill & Martha Kozar

David & Margaret Pritt
The neighborhood fisherman - by Dave Manningore Santa

Germano & Busse families