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Volume 10, Issue 4 · April 2010

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A Note from the President

Spring has finally arrived! All the plants and trees are so beautiful now. I hope everyone has been able to get out and enjoy the North Carolina spring!
The Clubhouse is in the painting stage now. Painters will fin-ish up this week and then the floors will go in. It looks like a completely different building on the inside.
I want to commend all of you on your creativity in solving the where and how of continuing the activities that you would normally have had the clubhouse for. The resources were in the community and you found them!

Joyce Bryant

Thought for the month:
A laugh is worth one hundred groans in any market.

Community Events

Book Review Club

The book club is meeting on April 6 at 1 pm at the West Regional Library. Loved Walked In by Marisa de los Santos will be the April pick. Bernie Aliberti will lead the discussion.

Gourmet Club

We are going to have Gourmet dinner on April 9. Pat and John Sherman will be our hosts. The menu is French. If you are interested in joining us please call Martha Kozar 465-9672 for information.

Pool Opens

The heated pool and spa opens on Saturday, April 10. The hours are dawn to dusk. Even if the clubhouse is not finished you will have access to the pool and bathrooms.

Poolside Pot Luck Picnic

The Poolside Pot Luck Picnic will be held on Saturday, April 17 from 12 noon until dusk. $2.00 is your registration fee. The deadline to register is Monday, March 29. Drinks will be supplied along with napkins, cups, ice, plates and plastic ware. PLEASE do not bring anything in glass containers. Glass is not allowed in the pool area. Rain date Sunday, April 18. To guarantee seating, please bring your own lawn chair.

Sign up sheets & money collection

Someone will be outside the front of the clubhouse on Monday, March 29, Tuesday, March 30, and Wednesday, March 31 from 11 am - 1 pm to collect your sign-up sheets.

You may also drop them at the property management office or mail them to the property management company office at 210 Towne Village Drive, Cary, NC 27513.

Art Club

The art group is planning a new drawing class beginning in May in the Club House. The class will be learning how to draw using a grid system. This is a helpful tool for those learning to draw. Those interested should call Eileen Fitzgerald..

Committee News

Finance Committee

A vacancy on the Finance Committee created by the resignation of Bud Grandpre has been filled by Vito Romano. He will join other members of the committee including Evelyn Bryant, Fran Dusterhoff, Frank Laza, and Paul Thimsen. Vito and his wife, Nancy live at 332 Indian Elm Lane and have been residents in Heritage Pines Community since 2006.

The finance committee responsibilities include quarterly review of expenditures verses budgeted funds, recommendations for investment of reserve and operating monies, development of the annual budget for Board approval and community ratification, and other duties as requested by the Board.

The committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of April, July, September, and October.

Grounds Update Goose Patrol

Martin Anderson, Jim Bryant, Jim Pederson and John Sherman are the volunteers who are searching for nesting geese. I if you have any sightings of geese nesting please let one of them know or you may call the office. It is important to identify the locations.

Grounds Committee

Erosion control mulching of the Franklin Hill Wetland pond

Last fall the slopes and central mound of the Franklin Hills wetland pond were seeded with annual rye grass to provide temporary erosion control of these bare soil areas. Since this an-nual rye will die off in the spring, a more perma-nent erosion control method of these areas was sought in order to meet and successfully pass the Town of Cary annual certification inspections.

Various grasses and ground covers were considered in order to provide the required permanent erosion protection. In the end, the grass solutions were discounted because of the diffi-cult and frequent mowing that would be re-quired and also, because without irrigation, grass watering needs could not be met. Simi-larly, the ground cover approach was rejected because many plants would be required and, together with their installation, these costs be-came prohibitive.

After consulting with a registered landscape architect, we were informed that difficult pond areas such as ours are often covered with a hard-wood mulch to control erosion, and to provide an attractive appearance requiring minimum maintenance. Accordingly, the Grounds Committee is recommending to the Board that double shredded hardwood mulch be applied to the wetland pond slopes and mound in late April, following herbicide treatment of these areas to kill existing grass and weeds.

It is expected that the mulching of the pond, in addition to being a cost effective erosion control solution, will provide a uniform, attractive back-ground appearance to the pond. The emerging colors of the blossoming pond trees and shrubs of spring, and the full foliage of these plants in summer and fall will greatly enhance the beauty and appeal of the pond.

The Grounds Committee

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

HPCA Rules & Regulations Rules for Landscape changes on pg. 12 item 4, revised on June 2009 Titled "HEDGE ROWS" We propose that it reads "hedge rows installed by the developer shall not be more than 10 feet high maximum with a minimum of 6 feet"

Approved by the ARC Committee 2-24 -2010. Approved by the Board 3-18-2010.


Spring Clean
Spring is in the air, and with that spring cleaning and a grace period for violations. The weather’s getting nicer, the pool is opening soon. Now’s the time to take a look around the outside of your house or villa to see what spring cleaning needs to be done.

How’s that mailbox looking? Could it use a coat of paint? How about your planting beds? Do they need to be mulched? How about that deck or the privacy fence, where I know you’ll want to sit out-side, have dinner, read a book, sip a cool beverage (of choice, no doubt). Does it need to be power washed and stained?

Does the siding on your house or villa need to be power washed? Does your driveway and sidewalks (both to your home and along the street) need to be power washed? If the answer is yes, April and May are great times to complete these projects and not have to worry about them the rest of the spring and summer.

Several of you can contact a power washing company and maybe negotiate a discount. Ask your neighbors who they have used in the past.

The clubhouse will be power washing including the sidewalks and curbs as soon as the renovation has been completed.

William Douglas Property Management

The beginning of March you received a blue post card announcing the merger of Dickson Properties and William Douglas. The web site is now open to Heritage Pines members. You may logon to http://www.wmdouglas.com and view your individual account online along with the additional payment options and other features.

You do not need an account number to access your accounts. Just fill in the rest of the form and it will take 48 hours to activate your personal access account. This is a safe and secure account that only you may access once you have registered.

The payment options that William Douglas offers are mail, auto draft, e-check, credit card and local office. Great new services offered to Heritage Pines members. Any questions please contact William Douglas at 459-1860 or info@wmdouglas.com.

Morrisville Parkway CARY, NC

As part of the Town of Cary’s commitment to maintain and improve infrastructure, contractors working on behalf of the Town will begin the final phase of the Morrisville Parkway Extension; this work, scheduled to begin on March 15, will complete Morrisville Parkway and connect Davis Drive to NC Highway 55.

Construction, led by CC Mangum Company, LLC of Raleigh, will add .5 miles of road stretched over a 1.2-mile section of roadway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2010.


  • Air filters - change according to manufacturers directions

  • Smoke detectors - check twice a year

  • Leash Law

    One way to prevent your animal from bit-ing a person or another animal is to obey the leash law.

    The Town of Cary requires that all dogs and cats be on a leash or lead if they are not on the owner’s property. The leash law also protects animals from injury. Heritage Pines requires that All animals shall be on a leash when out-side the Owner’s Dwelling.

    Article XI - Use Restrictions - section 9 - Animals, page 20 of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Heri-tage Pines Community Association, Inc.

  • Pet Tags

    All dogs and cats four months of age and older within the jurisdiction of the Town of Cary are required to wear a pet tag. Pet tags may be obtained for a one-time fee of $50 for animals that have not been neutered or spayed, $10 for animals that have been neutered or spayed, or $5 for animals that have been micro chipped and neutered or spayed.


The renovations at the clubhouse are moving along nicely and the clubhouse committee has been hard at work preparing for a wonderful Clubhouse Reopening Gala. Save the date of Sunday May 23 for this open house. Look for details in your next newsletter.

The work on the pool has been completed and the social committee has planned a Potluck Pool Picnic to kick off pool season.

Please remember that during these renovations the sports complex remains open for those who want to play bocce, shuffleboard or tennis. Check your monthly calendars for bocce times and come on down and check it out. New players are always welcome.

Submitted by Pat Schneider

Matt Cossa Memorial Event - Saturday, April 10th, 12:00 pm

Join us as Green Hope plays Southeast Raleigh in the 4th Annual Matt Cossa Memorial Event. The event has raised a total of $66,000 in the past three years.

The memorial activities will include a varsity baseball game between Green Hope and Southeast Raleigh, a "friends and family" softball game, a silent auction, raffles, concessions, appearances by the UNC Loreleis a cappella group and the Clef Hangers a cap-pella along with other special events. The school is located at 2500 Carpenter Upchurch Road in Cary, NC.

Heritage Pines homeowners, Bill and Julia Cossa are the grandparents of the late Matt Cossa.

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Cary, NC 27519
Betty Landes, CMCA
On-Site Manager
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014 - clubhouse

William Douglas Property Management Company http://www.wmdouglas.com

Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press

HP Homeowner
Board Members

Joyce Bryant

Vice President
Morty Berkowitz

Emmett Waller

Eileen Fitzgerald

Patricia Schneider

Click here to contact the Board
In the subject box of the email write - HP Board

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.

Community Thanks To The Following Chairpersons and Their Committees :

  • Hospitality -Betty Ecklund

Brickman Field Notes:


As you have probably noticed, our turf fertilizer as well as our turf pre and post emergent weed control was applied last month. As a result, the grass is starting to green up and grow.
We have been working diligently on controlling and preventing weeds throughout the property. We will continue this throughout the season.
We will be moving into our mowing operations in up-coming weeks and continuing throughout the season.

As we start to warm up, I’m sure a lot of you will be starting up your irrigation systems. Please only water as necessary. By minimizing your watering at the be-ginning of the season, you prevent mowing tracks through your yard and poor turf conditions later on in the season.

Also, the turf fertilization program that we have in place is more than sufficient for the community. We strongly urge you not to apply additional fertilizer as this will lead to poor turf conditions for your yard in the coming months.
Thank you and enjoy spring,.

The Brickman Team

The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Comes to Cary

Tickets are on sale now for the April 30th
performance of the world famous Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra in Cary. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Herb Young Community Center on the Town Hall Campus in downtown Cary. Free swing lessons will precede the concert at 6:30 p.m. Individual tickets are $18 (adults), $16 (senior 55 and older) and $56 (family and friends four-pack); purchase tickets at the community center or by contacting Ticketmaster at http://www.ticketmaster.com or (800) 745-3000. Online and charge-by-phone fees apply for Ticketmaster orders. For more, call (919) 469 4061 or see the Marvelous Music Series at http://www.townofcary.org.

Senior Citizens’ Day
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Town of Cary Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department invites you to attend the Senior Citizens’ Day celebration. Fun, entertainment, and a delicious lunch await you on this eventful day.

Annual Luncheon Cary Senior Center, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Celebrate Senior Citizens’ Day with fun and entertainment. Enjoy a wonderful lunch catered by Ron’s Barn from Coats, NC. After lunch, sit back and be entertained by The Lamplighter.
The lunch is $8 per person. You must register by Wednesday, May 12 to attend the luncheon. No registrations will be accepted the day of the luncheon. For more information, call (919) 469-4081.

Annual Evening Concert (FREE) Cary Senior Center, 7-8 p.m. Our annual Senior Citizen’s Day concludes with a Celebration Concert.

VocalMotion, the SAS Institute's show choir, and Audio Kudzu provide a dynamite show that is sure to be loved by all. VocalMotion and Audio Kudzu have been performing annually at the Cary Senior Center for over five years. Take advantage of one of Cary’s gems. The concert is free. Please register in advance by calling (919) 469-4081.


HPCA Board Meeting
April 15 - 10:00 am

Heritage Pines Committee  Meetings:
  • No meetings scheduled this month

New Neighbors
  • No new neighbors to report
Thinking of You

Bernie Aliberti
Julia Cossa
Angie DeVita
Bettie Diamondidis
Ed Eagle
Lucille Grasso
Harvey Gunther
Olga Lord
Jeannette Martin
Carolyn McDaniel
Janet Petruccione
Phil Piccola
Ralph Robertson
Mary Lee Tatum
Linda Thompson


April Wedding Anniversaries  

  2-Richard & Linda Henderson
11-Sheldon & Gloria Broedel
12-Pat & Lucille Grasso
14-Robert & Mirella Brevko
15-Ed & Jean Eagle
16-Robert & Frances Vesel
19-Dick & Dottie Dowding
22-John & Marianne Hannan
23-Bob & Aggie Woessner
25-Paul & Claire Salvatore
26-John & Myrna Worsley
27-Don & Chrys Matthews

Our Deepest Sympathy to:
  • Doug & Barbara Lipson on the death of
    Doug’s father.
  • Paul & Joyce Thimsen on the birth of her third great grandson, Micah Daniel Thimsen on February 2.
April Birthdays

  1- Pat J. Colwell
  1- Nan Grothmann
  1- Barbara Harcharic
  1- Bob Hodes
  2- Jack Berry
  2- Carole Bonney
  3- Millie Anderson
  4- Julia Taylor
  5- Mark Crispi
  6- Audrey Schmidt
  8- Bob Rogers
10- James Dowdy
10- Madelyn Gattis
10- Marie Glosto
12- Richard Hinkley
12- Stanley Kaplan
13- Margaret Fox
13- Mary Hahl
14- Doris Burns
14- Marilyn James
14- Kathleen Kania
15- Tom Schwartz

16- Wendy Adley
16- Mike Etkin
17- Allie Bassi
17- Betty Weber
18- Sandy Ramsey
19- Don Ward
20- John Sherman
21- John Bolan
22- Kay Lane
22- Ken Safon
23- Donnie Hall
25- Dave Gadigian
25- Marcia Garelick
25- Louise Williams
25- Doug Lipson
27- Dorothy Egan
27- Barbara Pascoe
28- Bernie Aliberti
30- Ingeborg O’Connor
30- Robert Vesel

From Hospitality Chair:

Chairman April - Audrey Duck
If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Audrey.

Around the Clubhouse 

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Clubhouse Renovation 2010
Lobby with wallpaper
Wallpaper removal - obby

Sheetrocker removing the wall sconce
Sheetrocking - new closets in multipurpose room
Trim work carpenters - facing TV room
Electrician working on wring
Trim carpentry - looking toward exercise room
Lobby facing the hallway to the kitchen
The new entertainment center stage 1
The new entertainment center stage 2
Trim work in the front lobby
Painting in the front lobby
Front Planters with Spring Color
Around the Clubhouse
New double hand rails at the swimming pool and an additional street light in the north
parking lot of the clubhouse have been added.