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Volume 10, Issue 7 ∑ July 2010

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A Note from the President

I was happy to see such a good turnout at the Grand Opening of the Clubhouse. Activities are in full swing now, but we are still tweaking all the little things Ė so if you notice anything missing or anything that needs to be done, please inform Betty or a Board Member.

Included in the newsletter are two pages of information that I want you to be sure to read. One is the cost of the renovations, with a comparison to the estimate that the Board gave the community on Jan. 29, 2010 with the actual cost. The second one is information on the renting of the clubhouse.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!

Joyce Bryant

Thought for the month:
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
 Albert Einstein

Community Events

4th of July

The Dixie Belleís Smokehouse will be catering the 4th of July party this year.
Doors open at 5:00 pm. The food will be served at 5:30 pm.

Randall Callahan & the Bloomsbury Boys will provide the music beginning at 6:30 pm.Jeanette and Ray Adamski are the chairs.

Book Review Club

The book club is meeting on Tuesday July 6 at 1 pm. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith will be the July pick. Eileen Fitzgerald will lead the discussion.

Wake County Veteranís Services

On July 13th at 8:45 am Douggy Johnson will make a brief presentation (15-20 mins) concerning Federal and State benefits and services available to veterans and their spouses. Mr. Johnson will provide pertinent materials and information concerning veterans benefits, identify his staff and their expertise and answer any questions you may have. For those residents who wish to attend the presentation, but not the menís breakfast, please arrive at the clubhouse at 8:30 am and sit in the card room. All residents are welcome. To ensure Mr. Johnson brings sufficient handouts for everyone, please mark the sign up sheet if you wish to attend.

Ladies Lunch

Please join us for a Summer salad and dessert pot luck buffet at the July Ladies Luncheon on July 20. Our theme is Eat Fresh-Eat Local and our speaker will be Kim Hunter from the Western Wake Farmers Market. We encourage you to use fresh summer fruits and vegetables when planning what to bring to the lunch. There will be a $2 charge for paper goods etc. Deadline to sign up is 12 noon Tuesday, July 6.

The Challenge
by Ken Safon
I hereby lay down my gauntlet
and challenge any Heritage Pines resident to a contest:

Means - Checkers
Goal -Victor of 2 out of 3 games
Rules- Must Jump
Prize- Bragging Rights
Where- Card Room
Wednesday July 14, 1 pm -4 pm

Everyone is invited to come join the fun as a challenger or just as an observer.

CTran Bus Service

The Cary transit bus will pick up residents for transport to the Cary Towne Center at 10 am on Wednesday, July 21, at the clubhouse. The bus will pick you up at the shopping center at 2:00 pm for your return to the clubhouse. You have to register your name, emergency contact name and their phone number at the clubhouse by 11 am on Friday, July 16. The cost for the bus is $1 each way. Any questions please call Fran Livoti or Eva Germano.

Square Dancers

At this time, there arenít enough couples who want to dance in the club house on Tuesday nights to support the cost of a Caller. Most of the HP dancers have gone to the Cary Cross Trailers Club which meets on Thursdays at the First UMC of Cary. This club dances at the Plus level. However, there are tentative plans to start a beginnersí class in January. I will keep you informed of these plans. Please call Will Harper if you have questions.

August Pot Luck Bingo

On Saturday, August 7 we will be having a Pot Luck Bingo Dinner at 5:30pm. RSVP by June 26, cost is $2. We will eat the main course, play some bingo, eat dessert and play more bingo. The prizes will be determined on how many people play. Each card will cost a $1.00.

Bocce time change:

Please note this group will begin at 9:00 am staring in July.

Calling all Quilters

Are you interested in quilting? Any residents interested in sharing the love of quilting are invited to come to the Clubhouse on July 8th at 10 AM. We'll meet in the Craft Room and talk about a way to share the love of fabric, quilting, shopping and more. Call Nancy Romano for more information.


Senior Game Awards
Heritage Arts

1st place in the Needlework for Wizard or Couch Potatoes was won by Kathryn Kuhn.

3rd place in the Quilting for a tied quilt was won by Eileen Fitzgerald.

Visual Arts

2nd place in Oil for Around the Clock was won by Eileen Fitzgerald

Congratulations ladies.

Heritage Pines Line Dancers

Congratulations to the Heritage Pines Line Dancers, who brought home the Bronze Medal in the Raleigh-Wake County Senior Olympics competition! Keep on dancingÖ.

The 5th Annual Student , Teacher & Staff Art Show

Will be held at the Cary Senior Center at Bond Park until August 13, 2010. Residents exhibiting in the show are Eileen Fitzgerald, Kathy Kuhn and Fran Livoti. Take time to go view the art work of your neighbors.

Swimming Requests

  • Please add the time to the sign up sheet when you enter the pool.

  • Please dry off before entering the building - wet drips on the hardwood floors are a liability for someone slipping and it is damaging to the floors.

  • Please watch the children and do not let them slide on the rail, bother the water floats or jump in the pool

  • Please keep the children out of the pool when you are not there to ob-serve them.

William Douglas Property
Management Moves

William Douglas has moved their Cary
office to of June 19, 2010. Their
New Address / Mailing Address:

3716 National Drive
Suite 118
Raleigh, NC 27612
All phone numbers and emails
will remain the same.


The Town of Cary will temporarily close the intersection of Carpenter-Upchurch Road at Morrisville Parkway on June 19, 2010. This intersection will be closed and inaccessible from all directions until the end of August to allow construction crews to raise the roadway to a at-grade railroad crossing between Carpenter-Upchurch Road and NC 55. Detour signs will be posted and drivers are encouraged to use Louis Stephens Drive as an alternate route. Local traffic will be permitted on Carpenter-Upchurch Road.

Grounds Committee Notes:

Recently 106 residents signed up to have their Maple trees treated by Bartlett Tree Experts for gloomy scale. The identification, biology and management of this scale insect is described if you click here

It has been recommended by Robert Day, a certified arborist with Bartlett Tree Experts Co., that moderate to heavy infestations be treated
twice per year for three consecutive years. The first application occurred early this month and the second application will occur in late
September. Another opportunity will be afforded to our residents who have maple trees on their property to sign up in August. The cost is $10 per treatment per tree. Some of you have already paid for a second treatment.


2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Cary, NC 27519
Betty Landes, CMCA
On-Site Manager
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014 - clubhouse

William Douglas Property Management Company http://www.wmdouglas.com

Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press

HP Homeowner
Board Members

Joyce Bryant

Vice President
Morty Berkowitz

Emmett Waller

Eileen Fitzgerald

Patricia Schneider

Click here to contact the Board
In the subject box of the email write - HP Board

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.

Community Thanks To The Following Chairpersons and Their Committees :

  • Hospitality - Gloria Slugg

  • Menís Breakfast - Bob Hodes, Joe Lacenere, Travis Thompson & Dick Gross

  • 2nd - Don Matthews, Art Heaton & crew

  • Encore Singers - Nancy White & committee

  • Ladiesí Lunch - The Book Club - Denise Galloway

Brickman Field Notes:

Happy HOT Summer!!!

As we are moving well into the summer season, we would like to remind you to continue to monitor your landscape for its watering needs. As the weather continues to change and get hotter, it is more likely that we will be getting some afternoon thunderstorms Ė these rains can successfully provide your landscape with plenty of water.

Please make sure that you are touching the ground in both your lawns and beds to verify your watering needs!

 If it is wet, DONíT WATER!! It is very easy to set your irrigation clock and
forget it, but that can prove to be detrimental to your landscape Ė over watering can cause as many problems as under watering!

On Monday, July 19 we will conduct an
informational talk at the clubhouse on irrigation and seasonal color in North Carolina, come join us.

We have enclosed in this news letter the insert of our  - Brickman Pruning Standards For Heritage Pines in 2010‖ for your review and understanding. As you have noticed, our methods of pruning from 2009 to 2010 have been amended, so this insert is intended for your education.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments!!


The Brickman Team


HPCA Board Meeting
July 12 - 10:00 am

Heritage Pines Committee  Meetings:
  • Architectural Review - July 14 & 28 - 10:00 am
  • Clubhouse - July 12 - 10:30 am
  • Finance - July 28 - 1:30 pm
  • Grounds - July 21 -  4:00 pm
  • Social- July 12 - 11:00 am

New Neighbors
  • Sue Hsiung
  • Mary Depuy
  • Clay & Kathy Davis
Thinking of You

Lee Aliberti
Sharon Ellico
Dave Harcharic
Sybil Hurst
Stan Kaplan
Ron Mitchell


July Wedding Anniversaries  

  2 - Jim & Connie Davey
  4 - Keith & Sue Holland
  5 - Dick & Lorrie Gross
13 - Howard & Lee Rubin
14 - Frank & Doris Rzasa
16 - Travis & Linda Thompson
17 - Art & Marianne Heaton
17 - Frank & Evelyn Pettinelli
21 - Dave & Marlene Gadigian
21 - Ralph & Joan Hakanson
25 - Vito & Nancy Romano
26 - Doug & Barbara Lipson
31 - Tom & Mary Svantner



Our Deepest Sympathy

  • Mary & Bud Grandpre on the death of her mother.
  • Barbara & Dave Harcharic on the death of her mother.
July Birthdays

  1-Carolyn Padley
  3-Betty Smith
  4-Janice Dilen
  4-Bob Hall
  4-Martha Kozar
  5-Dolores Bolan
  5-Laly Gener
  5-Frank Pettinelli
  7-Jeanette Adamski
  7-Joyce Aspinall
  7-Dorothy Cooke
  7-Suzanne Orebaugh
  8-Jane Gillett
  8- Delores Silberberg
  8-Alice White
12-Kathy Davis
13-John McNally

13-Shirley Rieck
14-Roslyn Hartsell
14-Roslyn Hartsell
16-Ray Bassi
17-Donna Callahan
18-Liz Mongrain
20-Fran Golden
20-Mary Grandpre
21-Jean Harper
22-Mary Easley
22-Chris Vezzetti
23-Howard Rubin
24-Carol Elvers
25-James Yawn
27-Steve Toomey
30-Carol French
30-Carolyn McDaniel

From Hospitality Chair:

Chairman July - Marge Roos
If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Marge.

Around the Clubhouse 

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New neighbors


Sue Hsiung


Mary Depuy

Clay & Kathy Davis
Commander for the Woodrow Wilson Chapter 1
Disabled American Veterans (DAV) of Wake County North Carolina

Cleveland Bryant Jr., a member of our community was recently elected as Commander for the Woodrow Wilson Chapter 1 Disabled American Veterans (DAV) of Wake County North Carolina. He was also elected and installed as the District Committeeman to provide oversight to six other counties in North Carolina. The DAV has been dedicated to a single purpose: building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families. The DAV organization voluntarily offer counseling on VA compensation, health care, pension, employment rights, education and more. The organization helps assemble evidence to support benefit claims, building cases on your behalf and preparing claim forms and briefs. For more information visit our website.