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Volume 10, Issue 9 · September 2010

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A Note from the President

The Board would like to thank all of you that have power-washed your driveways and sidewalks. The Heritage Pines Association has power washed all of the common area sidewalks, so the appearance of the community is looking really good. The touch-up on the
mulching of the common areas has been done and the major mulching will be done in November. I hope all of you will also freshen up your mulch, so the community will continue to look good through the winter.

The repairs to the Step-pool on Crystal Brook are finished except for landscaping and that will be done soon. The final cost was $ 25,950.64 plus a small amount for watering the sod . This amount has been covered in the grounds budget for this year.

I’m looking forward to the Fall and cooler weather..

Joyce Bryant

Thought for the month:
Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Community Events

Sunday Evening Movies

All are invited to the Clubhouse on Sundays at 6:00 pm to view movies of various vintage. All members of the Heritage Pines Community are welcome. The following week’s film is determined by the current week’s vote. For more information, please call Barbara Harcharic..

Book Review Club

The book club is meeting on Tuesday, September 7 at 1 pm. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin will be the September pick. Roslyn Hartsell will lead the discussion.

Beading With Janet

September 9 - two classes
9 am - 11 am - necklace
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Bracelet & earrings

Cost $10 per class, all supplies included.
RSVP by Tuesday, September 7 - class size is limited. Janet Deal will be your instructor..

International Night

All are invited to the Clubhouse on Saturday, September 11, 2010 for International Night. Doors will open at 5:30 pm and dinner will be served beginning at 6:00 pm. Catering will be by Catering Works at a cost per person of $13.50. The menu is Chicken with Parmesan Crust Sage Butter Sauce, Porter Marinated Beef with Wild Mushroom Sauce, Mashed Potatoes with Havarti and Chives, Garden Salad-Balsamic Vinaigrette or Ranch Dressing, Foccacia Bread with Butter or Rolls, and Fruit. The event is chaired by Janet Deal and Wendy Adley. The deadline to register is August 30, 2010.

Non-Fiction Book Club

Eleven people attended the organizational meeting in August. Fourteen books were suggested! We decided to meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 7-8:30 pm in the Clubhouse craft room. The next meeting will be on September 21st. We will be discussing Thomas Friedman’s "The World is Flat". There are plenty of copies available at the library, as well as Amazon.com.

We’ll also decide what to read for the next few months. All are welcome. Bring a munchies and/or beverage. Hope to see you there. For more information, call Verghese or Bonny Chirayath..

Rex Volunteers

The August meeting of the Quilt Group will be on Wednesday, August 18th. We will go to Thimble Pleasures Quilt Shop in Chapel Hill and then stop for Coffee near the Quilt Shop. Please meet at the Clubhouse at 9:30 AM and we'll arrange a car pool. The next Clubhouse meeting will be September 8 at 10 AM. Anyone interested in quilting is welcome to attend.

Rex Volunteers

Rex Volunteers will begin meeting again on Wednesday, September 22 at 1:00 pm. Anyone interested in sewing projects for Rex Hospital is invited to join us. Please stop by to visit our group!!!.

September Ladies’ Lunch & Fashion Show Moved to October 1st

The September Ladies’ Lunch will be held on Friday, October 1 at 12:30 pm. Nancy Romano and Saundra Robinson will host. The buffet menu will be Egg Roll Sandwiches with cold cuts, Chicken Salad on croissant rolls, chips, fruit and cookie. The fashion show will feature clothing from Christopher & Banks which is located in the Cary Towne Center and the models are the women of Heritage Pines. The cost is $7 and the deadline for sign up is September 20.

Pot Luck & Bunco

The October Pot Luck Dinner will be held on Saturday, October 2. The cost is $2. Dinner will be served at 5:30 pm and the committee is asking everyone to bring their favorite dish. RSVP, September 20. After dinner we will play Bunco with $1 fee to play, payable at the beginning of the games.

A Night in Italy

Come join us for a night of fun, food, dancing & songs at A Night in Italy, Saturday, October 9. Georgina’s Restaurant will be catering. Menu—tossed garden salad, penne with marinara sauce, eggplant parmigiano, chicken marsala, cannoli and Italian cookies. Doors, open at 6 pm and food will be served at 6 pm. Cost is $15, RSVP by September 27.

Bocce Time Change - 10:00 am

The Greatest Show on Carpenter-Upchurch

Hold On To Your Top Hats!
Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

7:00 pm, $4.00 per person

Heritage Pines Presents:
Our Talent Extravaganza


  • The Heritage Pines Community Chorus

  • The Dancing Divas - with Norma Curran

  • The Heritage Pines Line Dancers

  • The Heritage Pines Round Dancers

  • The Sassy Classics with Judy Smith

  • The Heritage Pines Square Dancers

Refreshments served after event.

Wanted Tennis Players

Are you a tennis player? I am looking for you. Do you want to play tennis weekly (or more) on the HP tennis courts? I want to organize a group to play any combination of doubles either in the morning or evening. If interested, please call Sue Hsiung.

Free Tickets

If you are interested in free tickets for Green Hope High School sports:

  • Men’s Football

  • Men's Soccer

  • Girls Volleyball

Contact - Ray Bassi for information and tickets.

Street Lights

If you see any street lights that are not functioning properly please get the number from the base of the pole and report it to Progress Energy at 508-5400 or 1-800-452-2777. You are paying for the upkeep on these street lights and the electricity that powers them.

Sales / Service Notebook
You can find a Sales/Service Notebook in the library. It contains information on businesses in the community that have been recommended by your neighbors. It is a grand resource for every-one in the community.

Please feel free to add the businesses that you have used and found to be commendable. If you need a form, please contact the clubhouse office.

Holiday Party

Sunday, December 12 is the date to save for the Holiday Party. It will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Cary. Randall Callahan & the Bloomsbury Boys will provide the music for the party, they are the same group that played for the 4th of July party.

Pool Closes - October 10 at dusk.
Sunday, October 10 will be the last day for your pool enjoyment.


Save A Life Week

A number of Green Hope parents and students are pulling together and coordinating a 5K walk/run on Saturday, September 11th to help raise funds for Suicide Prevention. Not sure if you were aware, but there have been a number of students at Green Hope that have taken their own lives at an early age. The most recent was a boy getting ready to graduate in the Spring.

This walk/run will start at the school, go down through Heritage Pines, up past the Tennis Courts and then back the same way. It will start at 9am on Saturday and depending on whether the folks walk or run, will finish up at 10:30 the latest, followed by a pancake breakfast at the school.

My wife and I lost our son a little over two years ago and suicide seems to be on the increase over the last 2-3 years. My wife is not only donating her time, but also flying herself and another young girl who has graduated from Green Hope to Pittsburgh for training.

We need to do a better job educating our kids and as importantly, their friends, so they can detect when some of their friends are having issues. It would be great if the folks from Heritage Pines could participate in this event in any way they see fit.

More information is posted on the clubhouse bulletin board.

From Carl Monaco, son of Babe and Mary Monaco former residents of Heritage Pines. Carl still owns their home on Crystal Brook.

Discovering the Past through
Objects: Adventures of a Real-Life His-tory Detective (An Evening with PBS An-tiques Appraisal Expert, Wes Cowan)

The Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel are pleased to present noted PBS antiques ap-praisal expert, Wes Cowan, owner of Cowan's Auctions in Cincinnati, Ohio and star of the PBS television series History Detectives, for a very special program entitled "Discovering the Past through Objects: Adventures of a Real-Life History Detective."

Through popular television shows such as
History Detectives and CSI, the public is
learning more about the importance of historical and archival institutions and the role they play in maintaining historical records. In what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining evening,

Cowan will offer his unique perspective on the evolving role of these institutions, the changing landscape of the antiques market, and share some of the
interesting adventures he has encountered.

All of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Friends of the Page-Walker’s ongoing historic preservation and archival efforts.

Location: Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, on the Cary Town Hall Campus.

Dates and Times: Friday, September 17, at 7:00 pm

For More Info: http://www.friendsofpagewalker.org
or call
(919) 460-4963.

Ticket Info: The cost is $30 per person, and includes a wine, cheese and dessert reception. Tickets can be purchased online at web site above.



(No application or approval is required for the following)

(a) Replacing dead or damaged trees in rear yards with the same species and in the same location. Trees in front and side yards require approval.

(b) Planting or replacing bushes,
annuals, perennials, and ground cover in mulched beds within four (4) feet of the foundation of the house.

(c) Mulching beds with pine straw or bark mulch. Stones require approval.

(d) Placing a newspaper box on the mailbox post.

The above information came from the
Heritage Pines Rules and Regulations booklet.

2000 Heritage Pines Drive
Cary, NC 27519
Betty Landes, CMCA
On-Site Manager
(P) 919-466-0016
(F) 919-466-0014 - clubhouse

William Douglas Property Management Company http://www.wmdouglas.com

Heritage Happenings 
Hot Off  The Press

HP Homeowner
Board Members

Joyce Bryant

Vice President
Morty Berkowitz

Emmett Waller

Eileen Fitzgerald

Patricia Schneider

Click here to contact the Board
In the subject box of the email write - HP Board

These elected homeowners represent you with the Heritage Pines Board and the community.

Community Thanks To The Following Chairpersons and Their Committees :

  • Hospitality - Nancy Skelding

  • Men’s Breakfast - Joe Lacenere, Bob Hodes & Travis Thompson

  • 2nd - Emmett Waller & team

  • Bingo Pot Luck - Saundra Robinson & Eva Germano

  • Ladies’ Lunch - Eva Germano & Saundra Robinson

Brickman Field Notes:

As Summer Turns to Fall

As the summer comes to a close, we are all looking for the cool down! Our latest development for the Heritage Pines community is the adjustment of our weekly schedule from 3 days per week to 5. We will now be on the
property 5 days per week to aid in better managing the landscape. This on site crew will now be responsible for all of the lawn care and plant care for the community – from mowing to weed control and pruning. Kevin Kotek is the
Supervisor of this team, and we are looking forward to Kevin’s leadership to continue our progress.

With the incoming cool down, we will be aerating and seeding all of the lawn areas in the community during the week of September 20th – 24th. Last year as many of you may recall, we had several problems with our aerators hitting pipes that were buried just barely subsurface. Our aerators can plug as deeply as four inches. Some of the lateral lines that we hit last year were barely two inches below the ground. Since we cannot see the pipes that are subsurface, there is no way that we can prevent that from happening. In return, we cannot be responsible for any damages that may occur.

There are a couple of options if you feel that your pipes may be in danger: (1) if you know where your pipes are buried you may flag out the areas around the trench. This is an indicator to our crews not to aerate the flagged area and (2) if you are uncertain where the pipes are buried, you may opt out of the aerating and over seeding process. This can be done by putting a written request into the HOA office.

Along with flagging where possible shallow pipes may be, we would also request that you flag out all of your irrigation heads (in grass areas only) to
prevent our aerators from hitting the heads and causing possible damage to the sprinkler heads. If your sprinkler heads are not flagged we cannot take responsibility for any damage done to the sprinkler head.

We are expecting great results once again from our aeration and over seeding process.

See you soon
The Brickman Team

Grounds Committee Notes:

Many of you have no doubt seen the flagged stakes on either side of Heritage Pines Drive and Louis Stephens Drive and wondered what it all meant.

The Town of Cary engineering
department has been evaluating safety at this intersection and have concluded after an initial review that drivers of automobiles turning either left or right from Heritage Pines Drive onto Louis Stephens Drive have acceptable line of sight to spot oncoming vehicles before
executing a turn and crossing the dashed white line in front of the solid white stop sign bar on the pavement. However, they will soon be
installing a solar powered flashing beacon along Louis Stephens drive for southbound traffic at the existing "intersection ahead" sign (the sign that looks like a sideways T). This will draw more attention to the existence of the

Engineering staff intend to look at this
intersection again in April or May 2011 once the Morrisville Parkway extension iscomplete (projected to be December 2010) and new traffic patterns are established.

Additionally, the grounds committee and Brickman, our landscape contractor, have met with a Cary traffic engineer representative to make sure vegetation growth is controlled and does not impede the line of sight.
Finally, your board has requested a crosswalk be installed at the greenway crossing Heritage Pines Drive to promote pedestrian safety.

If you have any questions please contact Denise Galloway, grounds committee.

HPCA Board Meeting
August 19 - 10:00 am

Heritage Pines Committee  Meetings:
  • Architectural Review - September 8 & 22  - 10:00 am
  • Clubhouse - September 13 - 10:30 am
  • Finance - ?
  • Grounds - September 15 -  4:00 pm
  • Social - September 13 - 11:00 am

New Neighbors
  • Vickie Van Horn
  • Ruthie Hauf
Thinking of You

Eileen Hoppa
Rex Hoppa
Jeanette Martin
Fern Phipps
David Pritt
Brunie Robles
Otto Schafer
Marilyn Sirota



September Wedding Anniversaries  

  2 - Ray & Allie Bassi
  2 - Howard & Suzy Orebaugh
  3 - Dick & Gwen Moore
  4 - Emmett & Becky Waller
  7- Ernest & Jean Rossi
10- Chig & Hilda Hill
11- Tom & Minnette Carter
11- Jeff & Nancy Dunn
13 - Ronald & Mary Ann Kruss
15 -Tom & Nancy Boxell
15 - Will & Jean Harper
16 - Ed & Tina Caffera
16 - Mike & Sally Etkin
17 - Dick & Marge Hellkamp
17 - Irving & Delores Silberberg
19 - Don & Linda Brown
20- Cleveland & Evelyn Bryant
21 - Jack & Joan Robinson
24 - Phil & Phyllis Piccola
28 - Ray & Jeanette Adamski
27 - Ken & Barbara Safon
28 - Lou & Marilyn Tsipis
30 - Joe & Mary Schroeher


Our Deepest Sympathy

  • The family of Kathryn DiFiore.
  • Evelyn Richards on the death of her daughter,
    Amy Salyer in Chicago.


Congratulations to:
  • Dorothy Raulet on the birth of her third great grandchild, Elyse Marie Barnhart on July 30, 2010
  • Priscilla Ruskay on the birth of her fourth
    grandchild, Ethan Ruskay on August 14, 2010
September Birthdays

  2-Robert Edlind
  2-Warren Schmidt
  4- Bettie Diamondidis
  4-Joe Schroeher
  5-Merlyn Muth
  6-Janice Busse
  6-Mary Schroeher
  7-Mary Lee Tatum
  8-Dean Lockwood
  8-Johanna Truncale
  9-Ray Adamski
  9-Ivan Bahamonde
  9-Emmett Waller
11-Mert Sirota
13-Ann Martyanik
15-Dave Harcharic
16-Eileen Hoppa
16-Pam Roberts
17-Ed Caffera
18-Drew Smith

18-Nick Trasatto
19-Jim Davey
19-Dave Manning
19-Frank Rzasa
20-Nancy Dunn
20-Richard Henderson
20-Nancy White
21-Carol Harder
23-Mike Crispi
23-Travis Thompson
25-Dan Golden
25-Vito Romano
25-Levy Zur
26-David Yu
27-Marlene Gadigian
27-Bill Roberts
28-Marilyn Gervais
28-Hilda Hill
29-Polly Collette
30-Sally Morena
30-Rex Hoppa

From Hospitality Chair:

Chairman September - Chrys Matthews
If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who is in need of care or our concern, please contact Chrys.

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New Neighbors

Ruthie Hauf


Vickie Van Horn